It is also called as PU weft or PU hand-tied skin weft or PU hair extensions.pu hair extensions can be attached and removed easily. Silanda hair extensions are great for seamlessly lengthening and/or thickening short and/or thinhair.

Skin Weft Pu Hair Extensions are the latest popular hair extensions method in the market because they are lightweight and invisible and appear to be hair from your actual scalp. Invisible Skin Weft Tape Hair Extensions are the most discreet and undetectable hair extensions that we offer. Invisible Skin Weft Tape wefts are totally undetectable because they are hand tied Skin Wefts that appear to be hair from your own scalp. They look natural, are lightweight, and lay flat. These hair extensions are fast to apply

These hair extensions are fast to apply, also can cut skin weft according to your size, or you can cut it by yourself.