How to Make Hair Extensions Last Long & Look Good

  • Tuesday, 20 August 2019
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How to Make Hair Extensions Last Long & Look Good

1.  Make sure you are using the best quality hair extensions.  No matter how well you try to maintain cheaper, synthetic quality hair extensions, you will be disappointed.  Higher quality (virgin human) Hair extensions require less work because they actual come from human donors.
2.  Moisture is essential. When wearing human hair extensions it’s a must that you keep them moisturized just as you would your own hair. This will reduce tangles and breakage.  So, your extensions will be fuller for a longer period of time.
3.  Silk, Satin & Braids.  It’s important to wear long hair extensions in a braid over night.  This will reduce tangles while you sleep.  Wrapping them in a silk or satin scarf or hair bonnet will also help preserve the moisture and reduce tangles, breakage and shedding.  If you do not want to tie your hair up at night or wear a granny style bonnet, you can always use a silk or satin pillow to get the same results.
4.  Oil is NOT your friend.  Stay away from oily products when wearing hair extensions. Oils tend to weight the hair extensions down.  Because the hair extensions are not actually growing from a human scalp the oil deposits just sit on the surface of the hair extensions.  This reduces the body, bounce, and volume women expect and love while wearing hair extensions.
5.  Be gentle.  Hair extensions are generally attached close to the scalp. If applied properly, you should be able to go about your normal daily styling routine while wearing hair extensions. However, during the first couple of days you want to give your hair some time to grow so that the extensions are further from the scalp.  This will reduce the chances of your natural hair being damaged by the extensions.
6.  Keep them clean.  Nothing says “eww” worst that stinky nasty hair extensions.  If you want them to look fabulous, keep them clean.  This way they will flow and have the body bounce and shine you want.

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