A 13"x6" lace frontal closure is similar to the 13"x4" lace frontal closure, it is usually placed at the top front of the head when sewingIt can cover your forehead part well, then create a beautiful and natural hairline to you. But the difference with the 13"x4" lace frontal closure, the size of a 13"x6" lace frontal closure is 13-Inch across and 6-Inch back.Silanda hair can custom other 13"x6" lace frontal closure,such as #613 13"x6" lace frontal closure ,#T 1B/613 13"x6" lace frontal closure ,colored 13"x6" lace frontal closure,3 tone 13"x6" lace frontal closure,2 tone 13"x6" lace frontal closure.Buy the best 13"x6" lace frontal closure from silandahair.com.